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REG. NO: 1991/028295/23  *  VAT REG. NO 4710193220

23 Loveday Street, Howard House
Marshalltown, Johannesburg 2001

P.O. Box 90291,
Bertsham 2013, South Africa

Fax: 086-682-2238
Cell: 083-900-6963 (Office Hours only)

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Corporate Accountants
* Tax Advisors
* Tax Disputes *

* Business Resque *

Onalerena Consulting
* Accountants
* Reviewers
* Tax Services * 

* Business Advise *


Combine Professionalism:

The advantage for this coallision is to deliver profesionalism to the client and the stakeholders (such as the goverment, funding institution, SARS) etc.

This further ensures that clients work with accredited and up-to-date service providers.

Each partner has own expertise and vast knowledge in in specific services and execution of certain task. That is why being with us guarantee a credible one-stop-service reward.

NPO Services
Msamanzi FS has over 300 NPO service provider in its data base. This comes as a coalision with the Association for Non Profit Organisation. This has made us expert in undertanding the needs of NPO's and their compliance measures

NPO Reports
We prepare periodic quarterly, 6 months and annual NPO Grant and Funding Reports to Department of Social Developent, Nattiona Lottery, NAC etc.